Mike is by far the very best detailer I’ve ever used. It’s done on time, clean cut, very thorough. My boat looks , feels and even smells like new! You can tell he not only knows what he’s doing but he’s passionate about it– he really enjoys what he does. I highly recommend him to all my friends and fellow boaters. If your looking for the best detail your money can buy, you want Mike at Attention to Detail Auto Polishing.



I have a dog who has taken over my car. When I found Attention to Detail, I was pretty much hoping for a miracle. Well, I found it!! Mike and his team gave my car new life. They did a fantastic job. I will definitely be back and recommend them to my friends. Thanks Mike for your hard work and great service!



I was on my way out to meet an important client, when I realized my car was filthy. I knew we would be using my car to visit customers, so I needed to get it cleaned quick. I remembered that Attention to Detail was right off exit 9 in South Dennis so I called Mike, and he had my car shining inside and out, in about 20 minutes.



I thought my interior was beyond repair. As a touring musician with bags of bully gear, a reliance on eating in the car, the occasional cigarette, a tsunami of drippy coffee to keep my life going, and very little time to give my car the love it needs, the ol Jetta was in rough shape. Then, on vacation, I found this place. I called that day, they squeezed me in, and a few hours later, my car literally looked BRAND NEW (complete with the new car smell). Kid was amazed. I forget the gentlemen's name who took care of me, but he was so pleasant, so friendly and not once did he make me feel weird about having such a poorly kept up interior. And I couldn't believe the whole thing cost only $109. Now my life feels so much more in order then it did before. I certainly am committed to keeping it this clean , but if I ever need to have this done again, and I'm in the area, I'd definitely be going back. 

-Andrew Geano 


I brought my 2010 Audi A4 in and Attention to Detail made it look brand new. Since then I have traded in the car for a new Tacoma that my dog has taken over. Can't wait to bring in my truck to make it look new again, and not like an old chew toy!!! Mike and his crew do a fantastic job!



I don't go anywhere else. Mike takes care of my personal truck as well as fleet vehicles.



Mike and his crew have done a great job on all our vehicles from a black Ford Mustang with deep scratches to my fathers 40ft diesel pusher motorhome. Big or small each vehicle received the same attention to detail.



Mike and his team did a great job with my car. ATD was referred to me by a few people and all highly recommended. When I reached out via email, Mike quickly responded, answered all of my questions and had me scheduled right away. I dropped off my car right when they opened, and a few hours later it was ready to pick up. I have a white car which easily gets dirty and shows a lot of stains and imperfections. When I picked up my car, it looked like it just rolled out of the factory! It's been 4 days and it still looks great. I would highly recommend Mike and ATD!

Nick San Angelo


I received a gift certificate for the Platinum Package. I've had my vehicle for two years and when I went to pick it up after it was cleaned the interior was pristine and the exterior shiny. It looks like it did when it was brand new. I highly recommend Attention to Detail. These are great people that do excellent work!

Patricia Richer